Abbr. title: Cliometrica
Language: ENGLISH
ISSN: 1863-2505
Issues per year: 3
Is in my area:




History of Social Sciences 

Similar journals:

Title Similarity
My area
Explorations in Economic History 32.8%
Social Science History 31.9%
European Review of Economic History 26.9%
Journal of Economic History 24.7%
Economic History Review 23.0%
Zeitschrift Fur Bibliothekswesen Und Bibliographie 18.2%
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Journal of Labor Economics 10.9%
Economics of Transition 10.9%
Journal of Monetary Economics 10.8%
Journal of the European Economic Association 10.5%
International Journal of Industrial Organization 10.5%
Review of World Economics 10.5%
Historical Social Research-Historische Sozialforschung 10.4%
B E Journal of Theoretical Economics 10.4%
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 10.3%
Review of Economics and Statistics 10.1%
Review of Economic Studies 10.1%
Experimental Economics 10.1%