Design Studies

Abbr. title: Design Stud.
Language: ENGLISH
ISSN: 0142-694X
Issues per year: 6
Is in my area:


Engineering, Manufacturing 

Engineering, Multidisciplinary 

Similar journals:

Title Similarity
My area
Journal of Engineering Design 43.8%
Research in Engineering Design 43.7%
AI EDAM Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design Analysis and Manufacturing 39.0%
Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering 33.1%
Concurrent Engineering Research and Applications 28.9%
Computers in Industry 23.1%
Advanced Engineering Informatics 18.8%
Computer Aided Design 18.7%
Applied Ontology 18.4%
International Journal of Design 17.6%
International Journal of Art & Design Education 15.7%
Journal of Mechanical Design 15.7%
International Journal of Engineering Education 15.2%
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 15.1%
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 14.7%
Systems Engineering 14.5%
Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 13.7%
Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries 12.9%
Automation in Construction 12.9%
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 12.5%
Dyna 12.2%
Journal of Manufacturing Systems 11.8%
Engineering with Computers 11.8%
International Journal of Production Research 11.6%
Virtual Reality 11.5%
Creativity and Innovation Management 11.3%
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 11.2%
CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology 11.0%
Computers & Graphics UK 10.8%
Assembly Automation 10.7%
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B Journal of Engineering Manufacture 10.5%
Interacting with Computers 10.4%
International Journal of Human Computer Studies 10.4%
Human Computer Interaction 10.4%
Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics-Transactions of the ASME 10.3%
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering Transactions of the ASME 10.2%
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 10.2%
Mechanism and Machine Theory 10.1%
IEEE Transactions on Education 10.0%