Abbr. title: Particuology
Language: ENGLISH
ISSN: 1674-2001
Issues per year: 6
Is in my area:


Engineering, Chemical 

Materials Science, Multidisciplinary 

Similar journals:

Title Similarity
My area
Advanced Powder Technology 48.4%
Powder Technology 47.3%
AICHE Journal 40.0%
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 39.5%
Chemical Engineering Science 39.3%
Chemical Engineering Research & Design 39.0%
Chemical Engineering & Technology 37.2%
Chemical Engineering and Processing 36.7%
Particulate Science and Technology 36.2%
International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering 35.9%
Chemical Engineering Communications 34.3%
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan 34.0%
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 33.8%
KONA Powder and Particle Journal 32.5%
Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 32.2%
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 30.3%
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 30.2%
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 30.1%
Adsorption Journal of the International Adsorption Society 29.9%
Chemical Engineering Journal 29.4%
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 28.7%
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 28.5%
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 28.5%
Journal of Nanomaterials 27.8%
Colloids and Surfaces a Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 27.8%
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 27.6%
Nanoscale Research Letters 27.5%
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 27.2%
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 27.2%
Computers & Chemical Engineering 27.0%
Energy & Fuels 26.9%
Applied Catalysis B Environmental 26.8%
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering 26.6%
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 25.9%
Journal of Aerosol Science 25.8%
Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry 25.6%
Journal of Sol Gel Science and Technology 25.4%
Fuel Processing Technology 25.3%
Journal of Porous Materials 25.2%
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 25.1%
International Journal of Mineral Processing 25.0%
Catalysis Today 25.0%
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 24.9%
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 24.8%
Minerals Engineering 24.8%
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 24.8%
Current Applied Physics 24.8%
Materials Chemistry and Physics 24.6%
Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing 24.5%
Chemical Engineering 24.4%
Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu 24.4%
Materials Letters 24.2%
Applied Catalysis a General 24.1%
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 24.1%
Drying Technology 24.1%
Applied Clay Science 24.1%
Journal of Membrane Science 24.0%
Progress in Solid State Chemistry 23.9%
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 23.7%
Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials 23.7%
Materials Research Bulletin 23.6%
Materials Science and Engineering B-Advanced Functional Solid-State Materials 23.6%
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 23.5%
Separation and Purification Technology 23.4%
Fuel 23.2%
Carbon 23.1%
Thermochimica Acta 23.1%
Fluid Phase Equilibria 23.1%
Bulletin of Materials Science 23.0%
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology a Chemistry 23.0%
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 23.0%
Applied Surface Science 22.9%
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 22.8%
Ceramics International 22.7%
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 22.6%
Separation Science and Technology 22.5%
Catalysis Communications 22.4%
Granular Matter 22.4%
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 22.4%
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 22.4%
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 22.4%
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 22.3%
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 22.2%
Current Nanoscience 22.1%
International Journal of Nanotechnology 22.0%
Solid State Sciences 22.0%
Oil & Gas Science and Technology-Revue d IFP Energies nouvelles 21.9%
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 21.9%
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 21.9%
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Journal of Electrostatics 21.8%
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Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences 21.7%
Chemical Engineering Progress 21.6%
Research on Chemical Intermediates 21.5%
Nanotechnology 21.4%
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 21.4%
Crystal Research and Technology 21.3%
Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 21.3%
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 21.2%