Abbr. title: Population
Language: FRENCH
ISSN: 0032-4663
Issues per year: 6
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Title Similarity
My area
Population Studies a Journal of Demography 34.6%
Demographic Research 29.4%
Population Research and Policy Review 28.2%
Population and Development Review 26.0%
European Journal of Population Revue Europeenne De Demographie 23.3%
Asian Population Studies 21.5%
Demography 18.7%
Review of Economics of the Household 18.6%
Journal of Family History 18.5%
Canadian Studies in Population 18.3%
Population and Environment 16.0%
Journal of Population Economics 15.8%
International Migration Review 15.7%
Studies in Family Planning 15.7%
Economics & Human Biology 15.3%
Journal of Biosocial Science 14.8%
Advances in Life Course Research 14.4%
European Sociological Review 14.3%
Human Nature an Interdisciplinary Biosocial Perspective 14.2%
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 13.7%
Journal of Marriage and Family 13.7%
History of the Family 13.6%
Population Space and Place 13.4%
Mathematical Population Studies 13.3%
Sahara J-Journal of Social Aspects of HIV-AIDS 12.2%
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series a Statistics in Society 11.9%
Sociological Methodology 11.6%
American Journal of Human Biology 11.5%
International Migration 11.3%
Journal of Family Issues 11.3%
Sociological Methods & Research 11.2%
Social Science Research 11.0%
Housing Studies 10.8%
Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease 10.7%
Annals of Human Biology 10.2%
Stata Journal 10.2%
Acta Sociologica 10.2%
Journal of Health Economics 10.2%